The Ultimate Intern & Graduate interview Preparation Programme

We help you WIN at interviews in Investment Banking, Private Banking, Asset Management, Big 4 and Insurance  by preparing you and your winning mindset.

An interview is a test. Preparation and practice are the keys to your success. You have ONE-CHANCE to make an impression and Get That Job.

We help you BEAT your competition.

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The Ultimate Interview
Preparartion Programme

Interview confidently, get that job!
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Nov 2020

The Interview programme Guaranteed to help you pass an Intern or Graduate interview

Endorsed by City University Hong Kong.

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1. Introduction

Your journey to passing a role as an intern or graduate starts here.

Videos included in this module are:

  1. Welcome to the programme
  2. How to use this platform to Get That Job

2. Planning & Preparing

If you want the job REALLY badly then you have to prepare. This section explains HOW and WHAT to strategically research and prepare. This section will INCREASE your interview knowledge and confidence.

Videos included in this module are:

  1. Deconstructing the Job Description
  2. Job Description clues to interview questions
  3. Acing different interview formats
  4. Strategic research that you can remember
  5. Researching your interviewer
  6. Interviewing styles of hiring managers

3. Making the right impression

Hiring managers make subconscious judgements about you within seconds of meeting you.
In this section we explain how to prepare physically and mentally to make a long-lasting positive impression.

Videos included in this module are:

  1. Dress for success
  2. Silent communication that sells or repels
  3. Mental preparation
  4. Waiting for your meeting
  5. Passing the Virtual Interview
  6. Introducing and presenting yourself

4. Handling tough questions

"What's your biggest weaknesses?"
You will face tough interview questions from any Financial organisation. We demonstrate how to answer tough questions in ways that build you credibility and respect during your interview.

Videos included in this module:
  1.  Recognising behavioural/ competency questions.
  2. Focusing with one question, one statement.
  3. How to answer every behavioural/ competency type question
  4. How to go the extra mile and stand-out from the rest
Sample topics include:
  1. Resilience
  2. Self-awareness
  3. Leadership
  4. Collaboration
  5. Working under pressure
  6. Learning from failure

Videos included in this module cover these tough questions and MANY more:

  1. What’s your greatest achievement?
  2. What are your  strengths?
  3. What are your weaknesses?

5. Ethical questions

Financial organisations are under constant scrutiny for the people they hire. You may face questions that test your ethical behaviour. We show you the top questions around ethics to help you prepare answers that demonstrate your honesty


6. Handling behavioural / Competency questions

Every large organisation is now using these. We will teach you HOW to pass this part of the interview EVERY time. You will learn exactly what the interviewer is wanting to hear, so that you can structure and deliver high-quality answers.
We will give you precise examples to these questions to build your knowledge and confidence.

Here are some sample questions included in this video module:

  1.  You see a friend cheating in an exam what do you do?
  2. Have you ever taken anything from an employer?
  3. You notice a senior is acting non-compliantly and illegally, what do you do?

7. Ending with the right impact

In this section you will learn how to end with impact and be memorable.
Our methodology is based upon a 2-way engagement process.
You will learn great questions to ask as well as being memorable AFTER you leave.


8. Interview Practice

In this video section you will be practice being interviewed and answering questions within a time limit by a variety of interviewers, with different style. They could be either friendly, tough or neutral.
Once you can pass our interviewers, you are ready for anyone!


9. Finance specific Practice

In this video section you will be practice being interviewed and answering questions on a variety of Finance-specific questions.

Videos included in this module cover these questions and many more:

  1. What impact do interest rates have on a country’s exchange rate?
  2. How do SWAPS work?
  3.  What are some of the ways you would value a company?
  4. Pitch me a stock

10. HireVue simulation Interview Practice sessions

HireVue Video-Recording Interviewing is now commonly used by Financial organisations.
In this section you will interviewed by a simulation of HireVue and practice answering questions our research finds you will be asked.


Bonus module
- Creating a CV that gets noticed

In this section we show you how to develop a CV that stands out and gets noticed by hiring managers.


What people say about our Programmes

Thank you for the Interview training and coaching, I landed my grad role at Citibank because I had practiced and I already knew most of the questions!
Samantha Fielding
Grad, Citibank

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Interviews for Financial Institutions are some of the toughest on earth. We will prepare you to confidently pass your interview and win your dream job.

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