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Course Description

Giving positive feedback to team members is always easy, but many leaders procrastinate in giving constructive feedback for a variety of reasons. Yet research continually finds that employees want constructive feedback that helps them develop and advance their careers.

In this programme you will first learn WHY you may be holding back from giving critique, and then HOW to give constructive feedback to your team members that inspires and motivates them to do a better job.

This programme will help you become a leader that people want to follow.

Key concepts covered include:

  • WHY leaders fail to give timely constructive feedback
  • WHY feedback is crucial to motivation
  • HOW some leaders accidentally damage their workers’ careers
  • The DIMIT Feedback structure
  • Feedback – WHAT to say and HOW to give it.
  • Reflective questions to inspire you to take action
  • Action Plan formulation and implementation