#Giving TOUGH Messages

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Course Description

Leaders are expected to deliver tough messages that staff may not want to hear. These are often around promotions, pay, bonus or even working hours.

In extreme circumstances you may have to terminate an employee. We teach you how to do this confidently with empathy and compassion for your team member.

This programme prepares you to deliver tough messages in a timely, fair, structured yet empathetic way that helps you maintain the professional relationship and increase TRUST and loyalty with your team members.

You will get downloadable documents that outline the steps you need to take, easily.

Using these documents, you can easily structure and confidently deliver tough messages to your people.

Key concepts covered

  • WHY some leaders fail to give tough messages
  • HOW to structure a tough message
  • WHAT to say
  • HOW to say it
  • Dealing with 2 difficult behaviours, passive aggressive and anger
  • Planning for employee ‘Flight risk’
  • Reflective learning – what can I do better next time?
  • Action Plan – putting knowledge into practice
  • How to fire someone with empathy and compassion