Managing People Through Change

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Course Description

As a Leader you are responsible for getting your whole team onboard with change and working at optimum performance throughout.
This is not always an easy task because change can stress your staff in different ways and at different times.

Change is happening in Finance at an increasing rate and this programme is designed to help busy leaders cope and succeed in a high-change environment.

After watching this programme you will understand the stages and challenges that people go through during times of organisational change, and specifically, what you, the Leader, can do to help your team succeed in times of uncertainty.

The programme was written and presented by a Financial Professional involved with organisational takeovers, a rebranding of 300 year old business, changing business lines, redundancies, new leadership, implementation of mandatory technology and a changing financial regulatory landscape.

It provides you with practical tips and strategies to use to ease your team through their changing environment and help yours cope with the pressure of Change.

Key concepts covered include:

The stages of Change

Identifying where you/your team are in the Change process

How to manage and lead others through Change

Identifying concrete steps to implement to get the team on track

Action Plan formulation